Come and emerge yourself in a playful environment that encourages creativity and innovation.


Weekly arts & crafts classes for kids aged 18 months to 10 years. Develop fine motor skills, be creative and have fun!


We put the 'arty' in party! Weโ€™ll take away the stress and hard word around planning your childโ€™s next party. 


Brighten up a kitchen tea, baby shower, team building or other event with creative activities.


Own a branch

Be your own boss, work flexible hours, uplift your community and love your job - we'll support you all the way.

Gift certificates

The gift of inspiration - a fun and unique gift to a creative experience that will provide lasting memories!


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why arts and crafts?


  • Increases problem solving abilities; children that feel able to experiment and make mistakes invent new ways of thinking
  • Skyrockets self-esteem; empowers children to feel good about themselves with positive emotional responses to learning
  • Helps develop bilateral coordination and improves fine motor skills
  • Improves visual processing abilities; teaches children to notice patterns, colours and physical improbabilities
  • Teaches children to express themselves; gives parents insight into what their child is feeling, thinking and experiencing
  • Encourages creativity and innovation; a childโ€™s imagination has no limits


Kids are often encouraged to express their creativity, but adults don't always get the opportunity. Arts and Crafts is highly recommended for adults as it relieves stress, encourages creative thinking, increases brain connectivity and improves self-esteem.