We would advise you spend most of your time on getting into schools for weekly classes - it’s a cash cow!

Here are the important documents that will help you nail the process:

1. The process

Follow this step-by-step guide of how to get into schools and launch your classes.

Download it here

2. pitch and FAQ

To prepare yourself for pitching to schools, please take time to learn the pitch and FAQ’s.

Afr & Eng: Download it here

3. enrolment form

Hand out these forms to the children, parents and teacher/ secretary after your demo.

Please download it onto your computer before you edit the form.

Download it here

4. one pager

The one pager explains what we do and what makes us special. For email and WhatsApp.

Download it here

5. Principal Presentation

Use this presentation in your face to face meetings with the principal.

Ages 2 - 6: Download it here
Ages 2 - 13: Download it here


Here are low-prep, eco-friendly and cheap crafts that you can use for demo’s.

Ages 2 - 6: Follow this link
Ages 7 - 13: Download it here

other tips:

  • What’s in it for the school? Consider a few things you could offer the school to make it more attractive to them, here are some ideas:

    • Donate a free in-school workshop per year for the teachers at that school

    • Donate one ‘scholarship’ per term

    • Provide a free, hands-on activity table at school events during the year

    • An end of year fundraiser, where parents pay to part-take and a portion of the proceeds go back to the school

    • Donate 5% of your paid fees to the school

    • Remember to remind them that there is no extra work for them! We do everything, contacting parents, bookings, fees etc.

  • Reach as many kids as possible at the school

    • Only allow for as many kids that you feel comfortable with at the demo classes, but reach as many kids as possible. If you need to host more than one demo, go for it.

    • Be bold, ask them if you could do a simple craft in assembly with the whole school and hand out your enrolments forms to everyone.

    • If the school will allow it, go around to classes, speak to the kids directly in their classes, do a fun pitch and do a simple craft in class with them.

  • Over-communicate

    • BE PUSHY! call 50 times if you have to! If they don’t come back to you, pitch up at the school and say, “I was in the neighbourhood..” get in the door to meet with the principle face to face. Schools are ‘No-people’ don’t take it personally if they reject you.

    • Follow up in a few months, circumstances change at schools, don’t give up!


EMAIL Write-up

SUBJECT: Canvas Club creative crafting SCHOOL CLUB

Hi [name],

I am [name] from Canvas Club, a Creative Crafting in-school and after-school extramural programme for children 2 to 13 years old. Our unique Creative Crafting classes focus on the magic of creativity and nurturing conscious curiosity in a technological world. 

Canvas Club is based in over 50 locations across South Africa, Namibia and New Zealand. We host weekly classes at schools and create unique crafts in every class to aid creativity, problem-solving and innovation. All our classes are endorsed by Occupational Therapists, therefore, children develop STEM and performance skills, while having loads of fun!

Why Creative Crafting?

  • Promotes innovative and out-the-box thinking

  • Encourages self-expression 

  • Develops fine motor skills

  • Teaches STEM skills

  • Encourages socialising and building friendships

  • Boosts self-esteem

  • Relieves stress

I’d love the opportunity to meet and discuss an extramural Canvas Club class or Holiday Club at your school. Please let me know if you are available to meet to discuss hosting a free demo class at your school? I will give you a call tomorrow to have a chat.

Kind Regards,
[your name]
Note: Attach your one pager on the email