getting into schools is a great way to boost your income

  • Copy and paste the write-up below into an email and attach the power point presentation.

  • Email it to the principal or person in charge of making these types of decisions at the school.

SUBJECT: Canvas Club at [enter school name here]

Dear [principal name here],

Canvas Club [your branch name here] offers arts & crafts classes for 2 to 13 year olds and I wanted to reach out to you to see if you would be open to us hosting a weekly class at your school?

Canvas Club is part of Curro Brackenfell’s extramural activities and I would love to meet with you and discuss similar possibilities.  

I am sure as someone in an educational role you know and value the importance of arts and crafts for kids. We believe children learn and develop better when they are involved in a fully interactive, multidimensional and sensory experience. Being engaged in arts & crafts offers that opportunity. An arts & crafts session promotes from the smallest elements of fine motor coordination to complex emotional processing, a one-stop shop where all areas of development and aspects of functioning are addressed.

For the toddlers and preschoolers we do a 45 minute class that focuses on sensory play and developing fine motor skills. The classes are R100 each and includes all the materials. We bring all the supplies to you along with plastic covers to ensure your tables are protected.

We use a wide variety of materials to take the children on a magical creative journey of building explosively awesome crafts such as rockets, robots, fairy wings, musical instruments and many more!

Herewith a short video to show you what Canvas Club is all about:

Please let me know when you are available to meet to discuss this in further details.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards