getting into schools FOR WEEKLY CLASS is a great way to boost your income

  • If you don’t have luck getting in touch with the principal over the phone or face-to-face here is an email write-up that you may copy and paste into an email, personalise it as you see fit

  • Email it to the principal or person in charge of making these types of decisions at the school

SUBJECT: Canvas Club at [enter school name here]

Dear [principal name here],

Canvas Club celebrates and nurtures the magic of creativity in a technological world by teaching tots to tweens to harness conscious curiosity through weekly, much-loved, fun arts & crafts classes at over 40 locations across South Africa, Namibia and New Zealand.

I wanted to reach out to tell you a bit more about what we do and to hear if you would be open to us hosting a weekly class at your school.

At Canvas Club, there is no right or wrong and no competition. Children are taught to work and think like innovators — while having as much playful, relaxed fun as possible. Different types of classes have been specially tailored to be developmentally appropriate for different age groups.

The classes are 45 mins to 1 hour long (depending on the age group) and cost R90 per class for the term, which includes all the materials.

In class children are encouraged to express their ideas through the process of working with different materials, designing, building, making mistakes, and envisioning creative solutions.  Often toys and games are created in this class — such as an abacus robot, musical instruments and rockets. Not only does this promote self esteem (“I made that all by myself!”) — the toys/ games also promise hours of play after class.

Herewith a short video to show you what Canvas Club is all about:

Please let me know when you are available to meet to discuss this in further detail. I will follow up with a call tomorrow.

Have a lovely day.

Kind Regards