Ages 7- up: ENCHANTED FOREST FAIRY WINGS & headbands


Ages 9 and up:

Scared that you will forget some of the steps? Download and print a step by step  "cheat sheet" to keep handy whilst presenting your class.

Download the FAIRY WINGS PDF here.

Download the FLOWER HEADBAND PDF here.

fairy wings

Materials required:

  1. Fabric, ask for the cheapest white fabric in the shop. A silk type is perfect, and the thinner the fabric the quicker it will take to dry.

  2. Sharp fabric scissors

  3. White elastic band

  4. Acrylic ink

  5. Wool/ yarn or string

  6. Long string to hang the fairy wings up on. It would be ideal if you could hang it outside in the sun to dry. Use clothing pins if there is a breeze to make sure it doesn’t blow off.

  7. Hand towel, each child should have a hand towel (always when working with paint or ink), to dry the brush & artwork and to clean painted fingers

flower headband Materials required:

  1. Glue gun, have more than one if it’s a big group and ask a mom or assistant beforehand to assist with the glue. Have lots of spare glue sticks, you don’t want to run out.

  2. Plastic flowers (we got very cheap flowers from our local China Mall). Big and/ or small flowers would look nice, use what you can find.

  3. Felt

  4. Scissors

  5. 120cm piece of solid ribbon (don’t use a fabric ribbon with small holes in it, the

    glue will seep through and stick to the table).

  6. Masking tape