Birds Nest


Materials required:

  1. 1/2 paper plate per child

  2. Punch

  3. Wool

  4. Embroidery needle

  5. Thick A3 paper (at least 200mg)

  6. Pastel crayons

  7. Watercolour paint

  8. Paint brush

  9. Jar of water

  10. Hand towel, to dry the brush and to clean painted fingers

  11. Coloured paper

  12. Cup or bowl (for tracing)

  13. Pencil

  14. Scissors

  15. Craft glue

  16. Feathers (brightly coloured)

step by step

Scared that you will forget some of the steps? Download and print a step by step  "cheat sheet" to keep handy whilst presenting your class. Download the PDF here.


Birds of a feather build nests together!