This is optional but a very nice to have to impress parents and to give the birthday friend a lovely poster to take home and put on her/ his bedroom wall.

Creating a birthday banner on a A1 or A0 white paper is a great way to keep the children engaged while you set up for a party as well as to keep the early finishers busy.


  • Create the poster before the party using bobble letters and fun theme-related pictures so that the kids can colour them in

  • Place the poster on a table (or on the floor on a plastic cover) away from your crafting table

  • Add one or two water jugs with brushes and tempera paint blocks and/or pastel crayons so that the children can help themselves

  • When they arrive at the party they can start painting/ colouring, then you can do the main craft and then they can continue painting once they are done with the main craft