Paper Maché Animals

Follow these easy steps to make your own adorable paper mache animals. 


Decide what animal you would like to make. We picked a giraffe, squirrel and a lion. 

For the body, you can use a toiletpaper roll or cardboard box. We used an all bran box to get different shapes, fat short bodies for the lion and squirrel and a longer body for the giraffe. Stuff the body with newspaper and stick the legs in, you can use chopsticks, sosatie sticks or icecream sticks. Leave a bit of newspaper sticking out at the top for a head. 

Paper Mache Animals 01.jpg

Now we are ready to let the Paper Maché fun begin... 

Add a layer or two of paper maché before adding the cardboard add on's, ears, tails etc. The great thing about having a cardboard or paper structure underneath is that you only have to do one layer unlike a balloon that needs a few layers to give it strength.

Paper Mache Animals 02.jpg

Its time to bring the animals to life and give them personalities with paint. After you are done with painting you can add scarfs, glasses or any other decoration that you feel like.


The personalities in these little faces are just so delightful.