Monoprinting with Bubble Wrap

Monoprinting is a form of printmaking that has lines, shapes or images that can only create one unique print. Most other forms of printmaking have multiple originals that looks the same.

This is a really fun, easy and very colourful project suited for basically any age.


Supplies required: Polycotton (or similar) white fabric cut into smaller squares or rectangles, we used roughly an A3 size format, but it can be any size that you like. Different colours of fabric paint. Small paint rollers. Bubble wrap. A cardboard box (for cutting letters and shapes) and any other interesting print patterns that you can find.

First, we obviously had to start with popping the bubble wrap (“ok all, get it out of your system, go”, what a fun experience loaded with giggles. 


You can basically cut any shape or size of bubble wrap to start your print making, we started with roughly an A4 size rectangle. Rolling the fabric paint onto the bubble wrap was a very sensory experience. Make sure you add enough paint onto the bubble wrap so that you can make a proper print. The kids wanted to mix the colours on the first print, and the pinks and blues and purples made a wonderful colour combination.


Once the bubble wrap has enough paint on, print the bubble wrap onto the fabric, remember to press it hard to make sure the paint transfers properly. Once the bubble print was done, we moved onto a striped plastic (a bath mat) print. The different colours combined with the different textures created gorgeous layers.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 18.10.01.png

Look at these great colours, blue, green and purple. 


When we finished with the base printing, we decided that we wanted to personalize each print. We used cardboard to cut out letters and shapes.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 18.07.37.png

We painted these with a thick paintbrush, adding lots of paint to make a nice dark print over our base prints.

Watch out H&M! our new master printers just created the next trend

Christelle Nagel