Shaving Cream Prints

Prepare yourself to have a lot of fun when doing this project. This is definitely one of our favorites.


Supplies required: Foam shaving cream (not gel). Different colours of food colouring. Thick paper. Plate. Small bowls to keep the food colouring in. Paint brushes.   


Squeeze a generous amount of foam shaving cream out onto each plate. 1. 2. 3…. let the games begin.


Testing, testing, “this feels good”


Haha, yes. Why not?


This was so much fun, that the teacher also wanted part in it.

This is such a sensory experience that we battled to move on to the next step. Just let the kids have fun, don’t stop them.


Cleaning up was easy, just wipe the hands clean. It smelled so good.


Pour the food colouring into small bowls. Use a brush to apply the food colouring on top of your shaving cream.

This little girl swirled the colour dots through the shaving cream using a straw, you can also use a chopstick or skewer. The more swirling you do, the more marbled your print will turn out. 


Once you think you have enough colour on your plate, let the printing begin.


Take thick white paper and gently press it onto your creation. We used thick paper to prevent the paper from soaking up too much shaving foam and becoming soggy.


Gently lift the paper off the shaving cream. And now for the big reveal.


How pretty is this marbelling effect?  

Set the print aside and repeat the printing a few more times. You can make a million things from these beautiful prints; cards, bookmars, wapping paper to name a few. You can also add another layer of shaving cream on top, with new food colouring and repeat it again and again, each time for a new effect.


You will notice that the shaving cream does not dry properly. We left it for 15 minutes to settle and then we took normal A4 printing paper and placed it on top of our print. We pressed the papers together, the printing paper flattened the marbling effect and soaked the shaving cream up and then we hung our prints out to dry properly.

Christelle Nagel