3D Animals

Experiment with ink, learn the kids about 3 dimensions and make any 3D animal that you like. Look at these adorable unicorns.  


Supplies required: A bowl of water. Thick paintbrushes. Different colours of ink. x2 A3 thick paper sheets per animal (any colour). Scissors. String. A glass (to trace a circle with).


Start with painting your thick paper with a layer of water. Add enough water, wet the entire page properly (to allow the ink to flow freely).


Add drops of ink and see how it spreads.


Add more colours until you are happy with it. We always use a paint drop sheet (that you can buy at any hardware store) to protect our tables.  Careful when you pick it up as the ink will run and make a mess on the floor. It doesn’t matter if the ink runs, we let it drip onto the drop sheet and then hung the artworks out in the sun to dry.


Setting it out in the sun helped us to get it dry quickly, don’t worry if the paper warps a bit, you will flatten it out again later.


Next step, use a glass to draw a circle on a clean sheet of thick paper. Look at these sweet friends helping each other.


Draw your animal, using the circle as the body. You can draw it looking to the side or looking straight at you. There are no rules.


And cut it out. Once you have cut it out, colour and draw on the back as well as it is 3D and you will see both sides.


Time to go fetch your ink prints outside. Fold your A3 ink page in half, ink to the inside. Use the same glass and draw x3 circles. Make sure to space it from the start so that you can fit x3 circles onto the paper.


And cut it out. Hold the paper tightly together as you will cut x2 circles at a time.


They just loved the colourful circles that they created and took some time admiring it and trading circles with each other.


Next step, fold all your circles in half with the print on the inside.


Now for the trickiest part of the craft. Add glue onto the outside of one half of a circle and stick it on your animal body. Glue another half and stick it to onto the clean face of the previous circle. Glue a 3rd circle on both sides and stick it to complete the one side of the animal. You should have one half 3D animal now. Repeat the other side with the last 3 circles.


When you are done sticking you should get this 3D effect. Make a hole at the top of your animal body with a pin or scissors and add a piece of string so that you can hang it up.


Just look at these super cool 3D unicorns that these girls created.


A little bird told me that one of these girls loved her unicorn so much that the unicorn slept on her pillow that night. How sweet.

Christelle Nagel