Felt Flower Headband

D36C4531 - Copy.jpg

Supplies required: A piece of paper and a pen. Sharp scissors. An elastic band. Needle and embroidery floss or thread. Pins. A selection of felt fabric in different colours. Beads or buttons (optional).

Start by drawing the flower shapes. If you battle to draw free hand flowers. Start with circles. I started mine by drawing 3 circles (each a bit smaller than my fist), then I divided the first circle in half, and then into half again (Creating 4 pieces), the second circle I divided into 8 pieces and the third into 6.


Its really easy to draw flower shapes once you have the circles divided up like that. Start drawing the outline of the flowers. Don’t be too critical and create your own flower shapes. The great part of this project is that it doesn’t need to be perfect.


Now that you have your templates, cut the paper flower shapes out. These shapes will act as your patterns for the cutting of the felt.


Pin the paper pattern in place on top of a piece of felt and start cutting your first flower out.  I had 3 paper patterns, so I cut two felt flowers from each pattern. Use different colours and plan ahead with what colour combinations you would like to use. 

Then cut circles and alternative shapes for the inside of the flowers, fee-style it. You can make a pattern out of paper again if it easier for you, but I quite liked just free styling it. I cut little slits in some of the circles to create a bit of texture.


Now we have a pile of flowers, I made 6, that’s enough to make the headband.

Measure the elastic to fit around your head and cut it the correct lenght, make it 2cm’s longer so that you can overlap it when you stitch it together at the end.  You can use any colour elastic for the headband, you can find fun pattern or polkadot elastics in most fabric shops. I used a black elastic because I have dark brown hair and thought it would then disappear and make my flowers pop.


Place the flowers out onto the headband. Move it around until you are sure that you like the colour combinations.


We will use very simple hand stitching, perfect for any kid from the age 8 and up, with a little bit of help here and there.

Slide all the flowers off the band and leave it the correct order on the table. Start with the first flower, pin it in place on the headband and now you are ready to start stitching. Start stitching from the back of the band to the front so that you don’t see the knot. Once the first flower is done, secure the stitch at the back to prevent the work from coming undone. Take one small backstitch and make a loop over the point of the needle. Pull the thread through the loop to create a knot. Google this if you are unsure how to do this. Cut the tread.

Repeat the exact steps for the next flower; pin, stitch, secure the thread at the back and cut it off.


And repeat it again, for all the flowers and leaves until you are done.


You can add some beads or buttons to make it look extra special. I liked the minimalistic look for mine.


And how adorable is this!