This month saw our annual Canvas Club Business Owners’ Conferences take place in Johannesburg and Cape Town and what wonderful occasions they were! Canvas Club would genuinely not be the success that it is today without our fabulous Canvas Club business owners throughout South Africa, as well as in Namibia and New Zealand. These are the inspirational people who teach Canvas Club creative crafting classes during the week and coordinate parties and events on weekends, all the while making a living and nurturing their own families, day in and day out. 

The event saw a number of our passionate business owners gather to discuss the challenges and joys of running a Canvas Club, workshop the way forward and share learnings with one another.

We thought we’d share a few of our Business Owners’ favourite class moments here, to show you just how much joy our teachers take from their interactions with your kids.

“A boy asked if I would marry him. It was too cute!”

“I had a little boy that came for classes last holiday club and he was so shy, he couldn't even speak to me. Now he can't stop talking! I love seeing how comfortable he is in my classes and how proud he is of himself after completing a craft.”

"One of my favourite moments so far, is when one of the little boys in my class realised that he can create a toy that he can actually play with and it was like the world opened up to him."

“Seeing the excitement when they come to class and that they have all the materials available and can mess as much as they want! Also how proud they are of their creations and how much fun they have making them.”

“Children have such a different way of looking at things and come up with the most interesting creations.”

“Dit was in een van my vakansieklasse, waar twee kinders gesê het hulle sal nooit so mooi verkyker kan maak nie. En hoe ongelooflik trots hulle was na die tyd. Ek’s mal daaroor dat ons die kinders kan leer, motiveer en hulle selfvertroue ‘n hupstoot gee.”

“Seeing the end result and how proud they are of what they have made! They can't wait to show their moms.”

“Ek is net MAL oor die kinders se gesigte as die craft klaar is en hulle besef hulle het dit self gemaak! En wanneer die kinders agter die borrels aanspring.. Dis altyd baie spesiaal!”

What our teachers see time and time again is that the kids learn so much more than simply crafting; they discover that they have innovative ideas within them, that they are able to do so much more than they thought they could, and that they are innately creative.


Christelle NagelComment