Are you nurturing your children’s natural curiosity?

While you may sometimes feel like you might explode if your child asks you “why?” or “how?” one more time, questions are a sign of an active, curious mind and you should rejoice in every single one. Think about it – throughout history, it’s the most curious men and women - those who have asked the most questions and tried to find the answers - who have had the greatest impact on our world. Nurturing your young children’s curiosity is one of the best ways to ensure they become lifelong learners.


With many of our school systems and curricula focused on theory-based teaching, convergent thinking and right or wrong answers, somewhere along the line, our curiosity becomes dampened. So how do you keep the curiosity alive, and truly nurture creative thinking in your little one? Here are four ideas from our partner Occupational Therapist.

  1. NATURE - Nothing is as wondrous to a young child as nature – from massive trees to the tiniest ladybugs; perfectly round stones to interesting sticks. Make sure you spend time in nature with your little ones and stimulate conversation around the things they see.

  2. ENVIRONMENT – Make sure the play area or your child’s bedroom is full of interesting art and objects that will stimulate curiosity. Change it up often, so there is always something new to look at and ask about.

  3. QUESTIONS – Get your kids thinking by asking them to describe what they see, think or hear, or what they think about a certain object or concept.

  4. CRAFTS – A great way to nurture curiosity in children is through creative play, where there is no right or wrong and the child can follow its natural instincts.

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