6 blooming good ideas for Spring-themed birthday parties

If you have a child with a birthday coming up in September, October or – let’s not kid ourselves – November, you might want to start planning.  We’ve put together a list of 6 fun Spring-flavoured birthday parties for boys and girls, along with ideas for getting the kids involved in the preparation through creative crafting activities. 


1. Unicorn Party

Unicorns are all the rage right now, with recipes and ideas in abundance. The bright colours and happy vibes are perfect for a Spring Party and with a unicorn cake or cupcakes, unicorn-inspired décor and even a Unicorn Piñata, you can ensure the theme is carried through all the way. If you want your kids to get involved so that you don’t do everything, you can have a craft day a week or so before the big party, and make a unicorn piñata with the birthday girl or boy. Another super idea is to make magic candy wand party favours. We found a great tutorial here.

Slime party.JPG

2. Spring Slime Party

If you don’t feel like hosting the party yourself and want to join the slime craze, why not have a Spring Slime Party with Canvas Club? Our slime recipes are non-toxic and loads of fun to make and play with. We add glitter and food colouring to match the theme of your child’s birthday party and best of all – there is no preparation or cleaning up required by you. 


3. Flower Power

Since spring is all about flowers and sunshine, you could create a flower-themed party – from the invitation to the cake to the party decorations and your little angel’s outfit. You could also start the party by having the kids make their own flower garlands or edible flowers from marshmallow fondant.

Forest party.JPG

4. Fairy Garden Party

Spring is the perfect time for a garden party. If you have a suitable area in your garden, why not turn it into a magical fairy garden, complete with twinkly lights, home-crafted butterfly bunting and fairy decorations? As a pre-party craft or an activity during the party, your little guests can make fancy fairy flower crowns. Another perfect addition to a Fairy Party is crystalised petals made from marshmallow fondant and coloured sugar sprinkles or edible glitter. 

5. Scavenger Hunt 

All kids love a scavenger hunt and the excitement of finding a treasure of their own! And with Spring in the air, you can make your little guests follow clues to find the treasures you have hidden for them in the garden. Here are a few ideas: wrapped sweets or foiled coins, mini chocolates, toys or boxed cupcakes. You could also make it a Jungle Animal Safari, where you hide plastic jungle animals all around the garden and give each child a box or bag to collect their animals in. 

6. Superhero Party

Kids love superheroes almost as much as they love being superheroes! They can dress up as their favourite superhero and of course, the birthday girl or boy gets a cake inspired by their favourite superhero. You could include a scavenger hunt element by telling the kids that a villain has stolen they cake and they have to find it. You could then hide easy clues around the garden that will eventually lead them as a group to the beautiful superhero cake!

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