Fleece Blanket

This is a great craft for a picnic blanket or an ideal present for a pet or a little person. For anyone who doesn’t sew you are going to love this, and its super easy.


We used a grey solid fleece as well as a feather printed fleece fabric when we made this for our furry friend Frankie. Franks is a little dog so we used +- 1m x 1m blocks of fabric.


Look at all these great prints.

Supplies required: x2 pieces of fleece fabric. Sharp scissors.   


Line the two fleece fabrics on top of each other and trim it to fit neatly. It does not have to be 100% accurate because we will cut strips on all sides and tie them together.


We started with the printed fabric on top. Start at one corner, cut a block of +- 8cm x 8cm out of the corner. Save that piece of fabric for another craft. Now cut strips of just over 1 cm wide and also +- 8cm deep and carry on all the way to the end.


When you get to the end, cut a +- 8 x 8cm block out of the next corner as well.


Repeat this all the way around.  


Now you can start tying the strips together, just tie a double knot. Yes, it’s that easy. You will see the bottom fleece peeking through at these edges, how nice is that? Be consistent with your direction of knots when tying your knots, so that they line up.


The knots give a really fun texture. 

Fleece is not a woven fabric, so you won’t have threads that come undone, fleece is similar to felt fabric so it’s ideal for this craft.  Just carry on all around, this part of the project gets a little monotonous so invite a friend or a group of friends when you do this, so that you can hang out and chat.  


And viola! The colours works well together.


And a peek of what the bottom looks like.


 “I love my new blanket so much”.


So, we decided make Frankie a monotone (white and grey) one as well. So spoilt!