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Teach Kids About Primary & Secondary Colours with a Fun Kite Drawing

art tutorials Mar 23, 2021

Do you know how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours?

Join artist and teacher Lili to learn about primary and secondary colours with a fun draw and paint along!


Supplies needed:

⭐ Paper

⭐ Marker/sharpie

⭐ Paint (red, blue and yellow)

⭐ Brushes and water

⭐ White wax or pastel crayon

Step 1: Draw 3 dots and connect them.

Step 2: Mirror those lines to create a diamond shape. Draw a dotted line down the middle.

Step 3: Draw another kite. Try to make the lines a little longer on one side this time. This makes it look more like a kite.

Step 4: Draw a 3rd kite.

Step 5: Add string to your kites.

Step 6: Add bows to your strings.

Step 7: Now it's time to experiment with colour! First, paint half of your 1st kite red.

Step 8: Then paint the other half blue

Step 9: Use your paint brush to mix the two colours together and see what happens! You've made a secondary colour: purple. Amazing!

Step 10: For your 2nd kite, paint half of it blue.

Step 11: Paint the other half yellow.

Step 12: Mix the two colours together and see what happens. You've made another secondary colour: green!

Step 13: For your 3rd kite, paint half of it yellow.

Step 14: Paint the other half red.

Step 15: Mix the two colours together to make your final secondary colour: orange. Beautiful!

Step 16: Add some cloud shapes in the background.

Step 17: Colour in your clouds with white wax or pastel crayons. You won't see the white show up right now, but you will soon!

Step 18: Paint the background blue and see how the blue paint resists the white crayon. This is called the 'crayon resist' technique. Pretty cool, right?

Now take a step back and admire your masterpiece!

Why not whip up a batch of secondary colours and paint a few more pictures? Then tell all your friends and family how you were able to create these colours and where they come from!

Here's a guide for you to keep handy for the next time you're mixing colours:

Want more ideas on how to help your kid improve their artistic skills?

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