- Who are we, what do we stand for, what makes us special and who is our customer -


Canvas Club celebrates and nurtures the magic of creativity in a technological world by teaching tots to tweens to harness conscious curiosity through weekly, much-loved, fun creative crafting classes at over 50 locations across South Africa, Namibia and New Zealand.

Our Brand Essence

Nurturing the Magic of Creativity

(This is the single emotive positioning that our brand strives for on a daily basis and is the core of our organisation.)

Our Tagline

The magic of creativity

The Canvas Club Ethos

Canvas Club celebrates the magic of creativity in a technological world by teaching children to harness conscious curiosity through creative crafting.

What does it mean to nurture creativity in today’s modern society?

Canvas Club introduces children to the magic of a creative life.

As parents, how are we developing skills that will enable and equip our children to cope with the ever changing technological world?

For our children to thrive, we will have to equip them with the ability to be curious. Curiosity unlocks creativity.


“Live curiously in a world of constant innovation and creativity” - Elizabeth Gilbert (Author)

How do children loose their curiosity?

  • They reach an age where they become aware of external rewards,

  • Their levels of self-consciousness increase,

  • Their surface level self-awareness increase, or

  • They form limiting beliefs, and they start second-guessing themselves.

Canvas Club’s promise

  • To nurture the magic of creativity

  • To create environments where curiosity is celebrated

  • To create creative crafts that are contemporary, solve everyday issues and build life skills

  • To unlock the magic of creativity to deal with an ever-changing technological world

  • To encourage inclusive innovation (group engagement)

Who is our customer?

Primary market: Parents of babies, toddlers and primary school children
Age: 26yrs - 45yrs women (and millennials 26yrs – 35yrs)
LSM: 8-10

Psychographics: Socially conscious parents who endeavour to manage a balanced and holistic working and family life. They trust caregivers to look after their children but ensure that these caregivers are equipped with the right skills and environments that offer child’s play, creativity and curiosity. They choose products and services that resonate with their daily “wellbeing”and lifestyle aspirations. They strive to gift their children a holistic education, that they may have missed out on, and feel it is essential in modern society.

Opportunity in marketing to Millennial parents:

Millennials (22yrs – 35yrs) are parenting differently to any other generation.

  • To millennials, family wellness is a daily, active pursuit

  • Technology has enabled greater access to information and has put their children’s development and education monitoring into the palms of their hands

  • They want to purchase products that support their “wellness” aspirations

  • They turn to the internet — not just family and friends — for parenting advice

  • Millennials are documenting their kids' lives on social media

  • They are relatively confident in their parenting skills

  • Millennials don't place as high a value on playtime as previous generations

  • Millennial men are resisting stereotypes about dads’ incompetence

Our Value Proposition to the Customer

Functional Benefits:

• STEM skills learning, fine motor skills, sensory play, problem solving and processing skills development
• After-school club and holiday club for working parents
• Age appropriate contemporary curriculum endorsed by Occupational Therapists

Emotional Benefit:

• Nurturing the magic of creativity
• Living life curiously

Self-actualisation Benefit:

• Canvas Club supports my family’s wellbeing • Canvas Club makes me feel like a “Good” parent

Ages/Classes positioning:


Canvas club’s unique selling points

For contemporary parents, Canvas Club is the children’s creative crafting club that nurtures the magic of creativity in an innovative world because Canvas Club celebrates conscious curiosity.


Providing your child with an holistic education is any parent’s heartfelt wish. And as a high-end, well-priced, fun, interactive creative crafting addition to respected school curricula across South Africa, Canvas Club nurtures the magic of creativity through celebrating conscious curiosity and is fast becoming a much-valued choice.


Canvas Club completely complements and enhances schools’ offerings through its schools’ program which is hosted during or after-school on school premises. We teach functional art – “art that works/plays” – enabling your child to thrive in an innovative world.


Our age-appropriate and contemporary curriculum focuses on fine motor skill development, problem solving and processing skills. Combining creative crafting with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) skills we provide a platform – endorsed by Occupational Therapists – for creative expression that nurtures imagination.


In our uncompromised support of community, friendship and inclusive innovation, Canvas Club is loved by children, parents and schools alike – just ask them!