Emma the fuzzy little caterpillar curled up on a little boys head
She spun her little cocoon and then fell asleep as though it was her bed.
While she was sleeping she dreamed that she could fly
And later when she woke up...
She was a butterfly!




  1. Cheap white sock

  2. Stuffing

  3. Wool

  4. Fabric or tempera/ school paint.

  5. Paint brush

  6. Jar of water

  7. Hand towel, to dry the brush and to clean painted fingers

  8. Googly eyes

  9. Glue gun

step by step

Scared that you will forget some of the steps? Download and print a step by step  "cheat sheet" to keep handy whilst presenting your class. Download the PDF here.

This is short craft so pace the class. Start with a fun ice-breaker and even a game or two. Let the children close their eyes when you hand out the stuffing, and let them guess wat it is (clouds, candy floss?) let them play and enjoy the stuffing before moving onto the next step.

Tempera or school paint can be used instead of fabric paint.

Remember you can always add in extra steps for “early finishers”. Hand out an A3 or A4 page and let them draw a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Here is an idea, draw the caterpillar, background (flowers etc) and butterfly body and then at the end hands can be painted and printed for the wings. Finger prints in another colour can be used to print dots and patterns onto the wings.

This craft tends to get messy. If you dont have the space or capacity to manage hands full of paint, then you can use watercolour paint blocks (tempera paint is recommended though, as this is a wonderful sensory experience).

Have plastic bags ready incase parents want to take the craft home on the same day. Alternatively let it dry, and they can take it home next week.