WEEKLY classes

Fun, educational and creative weekly classes to inspire children from 6 months to 13 year olds.

The cost is R100/ ND100/ NZD12 per class and includes all the materials. All our branches are cashless, so please ensure you book and pay online. Classes run with the school terms - we allow for a single once-off trial class booking, thereafter you are required to sign up for the term. Siblings and early birds get 10% off their term fees!

tiny Explorers

1 - 3 years (45 mins)

An opportunity to relax and enjoy some special creative time with your youngster. Meet other like-minded parents/ nannies and/ or grannies while being creative and making beautiful keepsakes.

We sing, dance, play with bubbles, ribbons, balls... and make a unique themed craft to take home every week.

We focus on sensory play as well as emotional, social and fine motor skill development, exposing your child to new textures and colours in every class. We will also give you loads of ideas to turn everyday items into awesome crafts and toys at home. Most importantly, we have loads of fun!

*only available at Cape Town City Bowl and Atlantic Seaboard

little adventurers

2 - 6 year olds (45 mins)

This is a child and parent/ carer bonding experience with focus on sensory play and developing fine motor skills.

Draw, cut, model, paint, sculpt, squish, mark, make, model, imagine, create, think, squirt, experiment and make new friends!! The Little Adventurers classes are social, educational and great fun for both of you!

 This class consists of a 45 mins hands on creative crafting session. We specialise in process art and we often make toys to keep youngsters engaged.

Unlike many other activities there is no problem with having children and siblings of different ages in this class. Share your child’s journey of exploration, discovery and development through fun, creative adventures.

Creative crafters

6 - 13 year olds (1 hour)

Creative Crafters are encouraged to express their ideas through the process of working with different materials, designing, building, making mistakes, and envisioning creative solutions.

We often create ‘toys’ in this class, which promotes self esteem (I made that all by myself!) and promise hours of play after class.

Unlike academics and sports, arts and crafts does not promote competition. On the contrary, it helps convert negative energy into positive habits.

Furthermore, the class teaches children to think outside the box, build STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) abilities without realising it and develop important life skills.

Our TERM classes follow the PUBLIC school terms:

2019 South Africa

  • Term 2: 2 April - 14 Jun (11 weeks)

  • Term 3: 9 July - 20 Sep (11 weeks)

  • Term 4: 1 Oct - 4 Dec (10 weeks)

2019 Namibia

  • Term 2: 13 May - 9 Aug (13 weeks)

  • Term 3: 2 Sept - 29 Nov (13 weeks)

2019 New Zealand

  • Term 2: 29 Apr - 5 Jul (10 weeks)

  • Term 3: 22 Jul - 27 Sep (10 weeks)

  • Term 4: 14 Oct - 20 Dec (10 weeks)


Canvas Club at your school

Would you love to increase the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) provision at your school?

Canvas Club does STEM in a unique and fun way: we do it with ART.

We offer fun, creative and educational after-school clubs or during-school classes to children aged 2 to 10 years!



Come join us on a fun, educational and creative holiday club adventure!

We inspire children from newborns to 13 year olds every school holiday.

Our holiday clubs are hugely popular and classes fill up quickly, be sure to book your spot as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


What our customers say

“Our little girl loves Canvas Club! She wants to sleep with the caterpillar she made every night! Every week it is something different and fun!” - Elli

My kids love to go to Canvas Club - it provides them with a safe space where they can be creative, messy and just have loads of fun. They come back in such good spirits and so proud of their artworks. I will definitely recommend this to anyone, of any age!” - Charlaine

“My kinders geniet dit vreeslik en my huis bly skoon!” - Cora-Mari


why arts and crafts?


Arts & crafts provide a platform for creative expression that nurtures imagination. Problem solving, decision making and processing skills are all innate to a crafting activity.


The more creative you are, the less likely you are to lose your job to a robot one day! While robots may be better than you at calculating and diagnosing problems, they aren’t very good at creating original content, thinking outside the box or being abstract.


Most craftwork can be achieved in more than one way. Unlike maths where one doesn’t have much flexibility, crafts teach students that they can achieve the same result through a different method. This will help them in real life where they continuously face situations with multiple possibilities.


Arts & crafts allow for the development of a sense of personal identity and teaches children to express themselves; giving parents and teachers insight into what a child is feeling, thinking and experiencing.


Interacting with others with the same interests provides children the opportunity to socialise and build friendships. Children assist classmates in sharing techniques and ideas.


Arts & craft activities create a sense of achievement inside children and boosts their self esteem. Teaching a child to create something tells them that they are in control. This builds immense confidence in them.


Unlike academics and sports, arts & crafts does not promote competition. On the contrary, it helps convert negative energy into positive habits.


Arts & crafts helps develop bilateral coordination and improves fine motor skills as projects involve moving and using the hands and fingers.


Arts & crafts not only incorporates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) elements but it teaches valuable STEM techniques, models and concepts that sculpt the imagination.


Projects need to be planned and time needs to be managed to complete the project in time.


I’m in! WHere do i sign up?

Teenagers and adults are welcome to join in on the crafty fun by booking an event.