Weekly Craft Classes For Kids

Focussed on Developing Must-Have Skills For The Future

Join Canvas Club for a fun and educational experience! We help your child create cool crafts, foster curiosity, and gain confidence. We can't wait to see what your child creates!

Are you a busy parent concerned that your child might not be tapping into their creative potential?

You’re struggling with:

  • Worrying that your child isn't being creative enough and needs more exciting things to do

  • Being scared your child is not learning important problem-solving and critical-thinking skills

  • Feeling bad when your child spends too much time watching TV or playing with screens

  • Not having enough time to do creative activities with your child at home

  • Realizing that your child finds art at school a bit boring

And all you want is to:

  • Feel confident that your child is being creative and making a new craft every week

  • Have peace of mind knowing that your child is gaining super-skills they'll need for the future

  • Be proud of the activities they do, with no guilt

  • Have someone else teach your child each week

  • Give your child something to look forward to every week

If this sounds like you, we've got just what you need!


Cape Town's Leading Kids Craft Club for Ages 2-12

When you join our club, you can relax knowing your child is in a safe and nurturing environment while creating educational and fun crafts.

Your child will join an intimate group of no more than 10 friends and create something new each week, from frame-worthy art to fun toys to play with at home after class.

We look forward to having your child join our creative family!

Hey there, we’re Christelle & Stefanie

As an architect and engineer, we believe that to ‘future proof’ our children in this fast-moving world, we need to equip them with problem solving and critical thinking skills.

This will prepare them for opportunities and careers that don’t even exist yet. Allowing them to thrive as
free thinkers and innovators.

These super skills are developed in a Canvas Club class. Kids get to develop STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) skills, be curious, create, build, think, learn and play!

So, if you’re ready to help your child be more creative and learn important skills in the process…

You've come to the right place!

Your Child Will Thrive By:

  • Being taught by a passionate and loving arts & crafts teacher!

  • Gain confidence in being creative in a safe environment!

  • Learning important super-skills for the future!

  • Learning to think in new creative ways

  • Developing a new craft every week makes them feel proud!

  • Being in a small class with a maximum of 10 friends

  • They'll get lots of special attention and never feel left out!

Your Child Will Love Everything About Our Craft Club! They Will:

  • Get excited to go to craft class every week!

  • Have fun and stay engaged while learning new skills!

  • Gain confidence by creating a new artwork or craft every week!

But don’t just take our word for it…

See what others are saying about us!

The fact that the curriculum was developed by an architect, engineer, occupational therapist, and artist is just amazing.

The benefits of the lessons to a child's developmental skills blow my mind!

The fact that the curriculum was developed by an architect, engineer, occupational therapist, and artist is just amazing.

The benefits of the lessons to a child's developmental skills blow my mind!

Claudi, Mom

What a wonderful activity for my 4 year old son to partake in - really sparks his creativity.

The Occupational Therapy reasoning (provided to parents about the activity post class) allows you to understand the super-skills being practiced through each creative class.

Sarah, Mom

We make cool crafts that can DO STUFF.

Like rockets that can shoot and cars that drive.

Sometimes we work with cardboard, and other times with paint or with clay, and that's why I love this club.

Lucas, Student (9)

Our curriculum includes science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) to make learning fun. Kids love it!

We use the Creative Crafting Curriculum.

This curriculum has been developed by a team of experts including an architect, engineer, occupational therapist, and play therapist. It has been tested and proven successful in over 5,000 clubs. So, there's no need to look for other arts and crafts programs.

You can rest easy at night knowing that your child is receiving the best creative activities that will prepare them for the future.

We understand that time and money are valuable resources, that's why our lessons combine elements from five different clubs: crafting, art, music, clay work, and STEAM-based learning (which includes science, technology, engineering, art, and math).

In our club, your child will develop all of the skills below in an engaging, hands-on way!

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Problem-solving Skills

  • Innovation

  • Self-expression

  • Social skills

  • Self-esteem

  • Time management and planning skills

  • STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) skills

Check out everything we do in each class!

Think & Brainstorm

We think outside the box, explore creativity, and practice our problem-solving skills


We practice our fine motor and time management skills


We practice our gross motor and social skills while having fun!

We practice our gross motor and social skills whilst having FUN

Wind Down

We reflect on what we’ve learned

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We Only Have 3 Spots Left in Our Program


As our classes fill up quickly, we recommend contacting us soon to secure your child's spot.

Due to high demand, our classes fill up very fast. Please register soon to ensure your child receives a spot!

Have questions? Let us answer them for you...

Do I have to buy the supplies?

No. The supplies are included with the cost of registration.

How big are the classes?

We feel it is important that everyone receives special attention; therefore, all classes are typically kept to a maximum of 10 students.

What do I bring to class?

We provide all the supplies, materials, and an apron. All you need to do is bring a good attitude and an open mind. 

What do I wear?

The classes tend to get messy and could result in paint or other damage to personal items or clothing. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to wear old clothes. We provide an apron. We are not responsible for any damages.

What if a class is canceled?

In the rare case that a class may be canceled, you will be notified as soon as possible, and your class will be rescheduled.

How do I sign up?

Click on the "Contact" button and reach out to us.

Grab Your Freebie!

Grab a FREE step-by-step video tutorial and instruction template to create an artwork with your kids at home!

What we offer

We offer five clubs in one

With time and money is in short supply, our lessons incorporates elements of crafting, art, music, clay work and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) based learning.

Kids develop super skills

Each activity is designed to teach children important super skills (to be consciously curious, to problem solve and to innovate) that will help them thrive as the creative problem solvers and innovators of tomorrow!

In a relaxed & fun environment

Our arts and crafts classes offer a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where kids have the opportunity to create crafts that double as toys for endless fun.

We offer weekly classes, parties and events

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