kids parties

View the kids party themes, games and party packs below. For the 'Splurge' packages we will tailor a craft for you around a specific theme - contact us if you get a request for this package. Always remember to make the craft first before presenting at a party. We will be uploading new party themes, crafts and packs on an ongoing basis.



Snow storm music shakers

Ages 18 months - 5 years with adult assistance

Ages 6 - 11: without adult assistance

 Ages 4 - 7: Fairy wings & Paper flower headband

Ages 7 and up: Fairy wings & plastic flower headbands

Ages 2- 6: Paper Horse or Unicorns. 

Ages 5- 7: Sock Hobby Horse or Unicorns 

Ages 7 and up: Acrylic Ink Horse or Unicorns. Add a special crown with the splurge package

Ages 2 - 5: Fishing game

Ages 7 and up: Aquarium

Ages 7 and up: Soft Octo Toy 

Ages 11 and up: Felt fishing game

Ages 2 - 8: Rocket Toy

Ages 8- 13: Rocket Toy, create a rocket that shoots up to 20 meters!

Ages 7 and up: Create an awesome Soccer/ Foosball table out of a shoe box. Info for this craft coming soon

Ages 5 - 13: Gliding monsters

Ages 7 and up: Dino Masks, put the ROAR in dinosaur with an adorable dino craft

Ages 2 - 8: Rain sticks with ribbons

Ages 9 and up: Rain sticks with pompoms


Ages 4 and up: Robot on a stick


birthday banners