9-13 year old kids

Hello to all our Canvas Club branch owners! We hope you are as excited as we are. 

View the lessons below. Some lessons will go over 2 weeks. You can pick any lessons that you like and work at a speed that you and your students feel comfortable with. Always remember to make the craft first before presenting a class. We will be uploading new lessons on an ongoing basis.




3D hot air balloon artworks

3D coolness meets shaving cream fun!


Binocular Cartoon Characters

Create your own cartoon character. Brainstorm themes with the children, it can be a safari explorer with animals in the background, it can be a baby, someone on a yacht, diving instructor under the sea or a princess on a unicorn. Be creative!



A Flexagon is a really great puzzle craft and a good example of how you can combine mathematics and art. You can rotate it a million times and more without it breaking, and you made it out of one piece of paper! How cool is that?!


koi fish drawing class

Take a break from making awesome toys and teach the children step by step how to master the art of drawing a koi fish. These artworks really turned out beautifully.


Spinner toy

The spinner explains colour theory well, when it spins you can see how the outer blue and yellow rim turns green and the inner red and yellow rim turns orange.

IMG_2553 copy.JPG


This lesson teaches some art basics such as composition and contrasting colours. Ted Harrison’s bold, simple shapes are accessible to all age groups but ages 8 and up enjoy it in particular.



This craft is an absolute favourite among boys. Rockets are fun, especially when they really fly! This rocket can shoot up to 10m.


sock octo toy

Make these adorable sock octopus toys and then make a drawing of it. 


Pop art

Pop art is an art movement that emerged in Britain and the United States during the mid- to late-1950s. The movement presented a challenge to traditions of fine art by including imagery from popular and mass culture, such as advertising, comic books and mundane cultural objects.


3D snakes

This craft is fun to make it’s also super fun to play with, you can stretch, pull and wiggle your ssss snake as much as you like!



Hooo hooo wants to make this irresistible owl puppet?



rain stick

A rain stick is originally made from hollowed plant stalks which, when turned, produces a pattering sound similar to that of rain. The sound produced by the instrument has contributed to the common notion that the rain stick has historically been used in rituals to summon rain.

Let's create our own and do a rain-dance to see see if we can bring about a few rainstorms in Cape Town! 



Learn about optical illusions and see how shadow and highlight create such great dimension! 



Most of us grew up with our parents or grandparents making our own little looms from wooden cotton reels, we'd spend hours knitting scarfs and wooly worms.

Lets make a modern version of this great craft.


gliding monsters 

In this monster craft children will create their own monsters and then turn it into a gliding monster toy. This fun craft combines creativity with scientific thinking.


wool art

Learn about radiating and spectrum designs in this craft. Use as many colours as you like and combine a bit of working with your hands with maths. 1. 2. 3. 3 ........ 16 lets go!. 


3d faces

What are all these different dimensions about, anyway? Let's start at the beginning, with zero.


owl masks

Did you know that owls can’t move their eyes, they must turn their heads to see. They can turn their heads almost completely around, as much as 270 degrees! 


flower garlands

Work with newspaper and ink to create these wonderful 3Dimensional flower garlands.