These classes are for:
ages 3 to 6 years

These classes follow a simple ‘recipe’ of activities that can be repeated over and over. We have put a video together to show you how we run a class, add your own personality and cuteness factor to your classes. Make it fun!

** Choking hazards **

3 and 4 year olds are still prone to put things in their mouths and noses, so please be aware. Do not bring beads or cut straws (smaller than 3cm), or small items to any class and only use large crayons. Ask the teacher upfront if there is a specific child that you need to keep an eye on. Please think about this at all times, and follow your own common sense when you prep and present a class.

THE ‘recipe’/ PROCESS

Keep an eye on the time and pick 2 or 3 of the steps below. Do not rush the children to get through everything. It should be a relaxed and fun experience.

[3-5 minutes, depending on the size of the class]
The greeting song signals the start of the class. Let you guests form in a circle on the floor before you begin. Write down the words to the song and stick it on the wall so that everyone can sing along. Go around and call out each child’s name. “Where is [name of child]? , where is [name of child]? There he is. There he is. Ready for Canvas Club? Ready for Canvas Club? Yes I am! Yes I am!” 

Make movements and act it out when you sing the song. Where? (right hand above your eyes, searching), There (point to the person), Ready (make a big “are you ready?” with your hands and arms) Yes I am (Everyone hands and fists up in the air, Yes I am! Yes I am!)

Waar is [naam van die kind]? , waar is [naam van die kind]? Daar is hy. Daar is hy.. Is jy reg vir Canvas Club? Is jy reg vir Canvas Club? Ja ek is! Ja ek is!”  Vader Jakob se deuntjie
Why? The song introduces everyone to each other and lets the children feel extremely important and proud when everyone sings out their names.


[3-5 minutes] Download the song here
Blow bubbles while your guests sing and dance along with the Canvas Club song. Write down the words to the song and stick it on the wall so that everyone can sing along. “Another day at Canvas Club to all our friends we say hello… hello… hello, hello, hello. Making art is lots of fun, it’s time to learn and grow.”

[2-5 minutes, depending on the size of the class]. You can repeat theses, you will see how the children builds confidence.

WHO LIKES: Everybody stand up! If you like what I say then put your hands in the air and say “yaaay”, if you don’t like what I say,  bend your knees and say “booo”. Link this to the craft that you will be doing that day.

  • Who likes.... ice cream? Yaaaay

  • Who likes.... Worms? Boooo

  • Who likes.... Peanut butter toasties? Yaaaay

  • Who is excited for today? Yaaaay

  • Dream up more fun questions and let the children also think of a question or two.

COLOUR: At the beginning of the class give each child a colour sticker (use a few different colours) or pipe cleaner (if you are using this in the craft). Then go according to the colour and give commands such as, ‘everyone with a blue sticker/ pipe cleaner stand on one leg, everyone with a red sticker shout your name, stick your tongue out and touch your nose, make like a cow….etc’

MUSICAL STATUES: Play music and have everyone dance, stop the music and everyone stops and keeps still in their position, if they move they are out. And continue till the last one.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE…?: Use a bean bag/ pompom or sock with rice in and have the kids circulate (pass it slowly from hands to hands) it with music playing, when the music stops, whoever is holding the ‘potato’ must answer a question asked, what did you do this weekend? Or what is your favourite colour etc. For under 4 year olds, ask the same question to everyone to allow time to think, “what is your favourite animal?”. You can also play this game without music as per the example video.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING?: Let the kids stand in a circle. Each child gets a turn to give an action “scratch my head," then everyone in the circle does the action repeatedly until the next one gives another action. “jump up and down”, “clap hands”, “shampoo my hair”.

BODY PARTS: Write names of different body parts in small pieces of paper. Fold them and let each child pick one. Have him draw that body part on a large paper. At the end, stick all the parts together to form a human figure. Usually, the result has everyone bursting into laughter. You can then have the children suggest names for the character.

FELT BALL AND STRAW CHALLENGE: Draw a start line and a finish line on the floor or on a table. Place the felt balls on the start line and hand over straws to the participants. Ask them to blow through the straws to push the felt balls to the finish line.


[20-30 minutes]
What? Create a new craft in every class.
Because in a Canvas Club crafts, you’ll never get away without getting your hands dirty and creating something awesome!

Engage with the children, get to know them, ask them questions about the craft that they are making.

Important notes to consider:

  1. We recommend smaller groups of maximum 8 to 12.

  2. Practise makes perfect, just like baking a cake - the more you practise the games and music the easier is becomes, chop and change it around and see what works best for you.

  3. Please remember to let the children do the crafting themselves. Stand in front and explain steps in an interactive and fun way. We do not want to see ‘perfect’ crafts, there is no right or wrong; if they want to use black paint, let them use black paint, if they don’t want to stick an eye, then their monster does not need an eye.

  4. Since music plays an important role in these classes you would need a bluetooth speaker.