little adventurers - AGES 3 TO 6

You can pick any lessons that you like and work at a speed that you and your students feel comfortable with. Always remember to make the craft first before presenting a class. We will be uploading new lessons on an ongoing basis.



process art bugs

Work with materials using both hands at the same time and talk about and move like  “goggas” and had oodles of fun!


paper cup shaker

We recommend this craft for demo days. It’s easy and a lot of fun. Remember to share photos and the OT writeup after class.


american indian crowns

Where is America? Learn about integrating different cultural patterns from the American Indians and how to use various shapes and objects to form a crown.


egg carton car

Use recycled materials for this fun craft…. vroom vroom!



Make your own musical instruments.


let’s go fishing

Recommended for ages 3 and up if unassisted (schools).Make cool crabs and jellyfish, and the children will learn about a fun activity which can be done in the ocean, in a river and sometimes just by using their imaginations.


Jet packs

In this class, our tiny explorers will prepare for space by making super cool jet packs. Chat about “outer space”, and let their imaginations run wild as they became astronauts.



Learn, think and talk about these odd little creatures that are found in wet environments. Make frog noises and jump around like little frogs.



Through your owl activity the children will learn about a special bird that comes out at night with big, curious eyes. Make “hoot hoot” sounds in class and laugh, sneeze and squeal when you tickle each other with feathers.



Create your own robot, often seen in movies and in story books as an imaginary creature. Reading with your children is always a good wind down activity before bed, with the added bonus that it is also educational to their little brains.

Screenshot 2019-05-30 at 14.14.55.png

Collage Chameleon

Introduced your children to reptiles and make an adorable collage chameleon.


SHAKER jellyfish

Explore a small part of the ocean and its creatures and made a magical shaker jellyfish.

Screenshot 2019-06-05 at 13.09.29.png

Long legged Giraffe

Get your children to draw free handedly, fold the legs of their giraffes using the skills of their little hands and paint their own giraffes which will allow the children to get in touch with their creative sides.