Your Marketing guide


Step 1: preparation

Projected time allocated: 1 – 10 days


Start compiling a list of all the schools in your area:

  • Obtain the correct email address, address and telephone number.

Type of schools you should consider:

  • Primary Schools, Pre-primary Schools, Day-cares, Crèches, Nurseries , Cottage Schools, Special needs schools.


Reach out to all the schools in your area to find out:

  • what time school closes for the different age groups, and

  • what their other extra mural activity schedule looks like.

Once you have this it will make it much easier to determine your schedule that works for you and your potential clients.

Also be on the lookout for other toddler activities in your area, they are also usually in the mornings.

flyers, posters and business cards

Browse the library of editable flyers and customise them for your branch. The editable flyers can be found here: Click here

Find a cost effective printing company in your area and print the following:

  • 200 x A5 black and white colouring in flyers.

  • 20 x A4 Posters with your weekly class schedule

  • 50 x A5 Business cards

TIP: Remember to send the PDF format to the printing company to ensure high resolution prints.


Send your flyers and branch page link (i.e.[yourbranchname]) to all your friends and ask your friends to share it on their WhatsApp groups.

A great WhatsApp group is CLAMBER CLUB, see if you have a Clamber Club in your area.  

  • Ask the owner if she minds sharing this on their WhatsApp group.

TIP: Our awesome colouring in flyers can even be printed by the parent for kids to colour in ☺ OR colour it in on their electronic devices.



Update your job status on Facebook:


  • Let the world know about your new status – you are now the proud owner of a Canvas Club Branch! 

How to update your Facebook job status::

Your new status should read as follows: Branch Owner @Canvas Club (and your branch name/ area)


Join as many Facebook groups in your area as possible:

  • Search for groups like: Moms-Bellville (your area), Stay at home parents, Stay at home moms, Things to do with kids, Art groups, Clamber Club, Moms and babes/ tots.

Share to these pages:

Many of these groups will have rules around advertising, and it will only be allowed on certain days – please read these rules – diarise the dates – share your advert on there.

Commenting on these pages:
Search for words like party/ art/ craft/ kids/ kuns/ kunsklas/ skool/ kinders/ kind/ baba/ mamma/ partytjies/ party/ kids party/ babyshower/ team building/ kitchen tea etc. – in your groups.  You should then be able to see posts from users asking about these topics.

  • Copy and paste our link into the comment field and comment with a post stating what we can offer.

Sometimes you will need to think out of the box, refer screengrab to the right:

Search word was ‘PARTYTJIE’ (PARTY)

Example of commenting.png

Step 2: get out there

Projected time allocated: 5 – 20 days
Some of these will be repeated weekly / monthly


Social media is very important, but in order for your business to stay top of mind, you need to be more visible. Posters and Flyers will only take a lot of time in the beginning, after that you will revisit only in 2 – 3 months. At that stage you can decide if it was worth it or not. Our colouring in flyers is a great way to get kids involved with our brand.


Think of places where parents go in their lunchtimes, after they pick up their kids, on their way to school or home – go to those shops/ centres and ask them if you may put up your posters, or leave your flyers in the reception area or on the cashier’s desk.


Think of all the stores where you can buy art supplies, and ask if you are allowed to put up a poster or leave flyers.


Make a list of all the other extra murals that children do: think of ballet schools, swim clubs, Clamber Clubs, Moms and Tots, Moms and Babes and Pienkvoet – go there/ phone/ email them asking also if they would mind you putting up posters and leaving some flyers for their clients.


Send out emails to the schools on your list asking if you could present a demo class as well as hand out flyers to the kids / sharing your flyer on their Whatsapp group or newsletter.


Gumtree is just another way to stay top of mind and get people to notice you.

Set up an account using your Canvas Club email address.

Remember to add your Canvas Club email address to the advertisement so that potential clients can contact you.

TIP: Download the Gumtree app on your phone so that you can receive notifications when someone sends you a message.

You can find write-ups here to copy & paste into your advertisement: Marketing write-ups and can add photos from the photo library: Photo library.



Projected time allocated: 5 – 20 days
Some of these will be repeated weekly / monthly


Kiddies parties are a really good way of generating income and promoting your classes and events.


  • Remember to keep an eye on your groups’ Facebook posts, where moms often ask for party ideas and recommendations. Comment using the link to the Parties section on the website:

  • Facebook posts:  See when you are allowed to promote on your groups, and post a 2 – 3 weekly post about your parties. The key is to stay focused on the parties when you post your advert (you can mention weekly classes as well, but stay focused). Alternate your Facebook posts on groups between parties and weekly classes.


Make contact with at least ten party venues in your area:

  • The key is to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

  • Party venues usually have a big following of loyal parents so partnering with venues is very important.

  • Ask them to list Canvas Club as one of the themes /vendors on their website. Each branch and party venue will differ in their approach, so you will have to see what you can get and perhaps negotiate a bit.


Visit party shops and ask if you are may leave flyers or a poster with them.


Post a party advertisements on Gumtree. You can find write-ups to copy & paste here Marketing write-ups and photos from the photo library: Photo library.


There is lots of money to be made here!

There could be at least 20 companies in a five kilometer radius from you. Every company has staff, and they all need to work together.

This is something you can do every week. Each week list five companies in your area and contact them.

Teambuildings are sometimes allocated to the HR Manager / Marketing Manager of a company or even just someone who is a great party planner – so you will need to contact the company and ask who the person is who deals with teambuildings and events.

Give this person a ring and send them an email with all the info included.

Keep these emails safe, because come end of the year, you will contact them again reminding them of Canvas Club.


This is fun! This is why we do what we do.

We branch owners get to do something very special in our weekly classes. We create a space where there is no right or wrong and no competition, kids can just BE.

Do not give up on getting your classes full! It might be challenging in the beginning, but you will succeed. Kids these days have so much going on. The extramural activities are endless.


1) Find out from the schools when they have sport in your area, and try to adapt your class times accordingly.  No use in trying to compete with other established extra murals when you are starting our, find a way INTO their schedules.

2) Always put emphasis on why ARTS and CRAFTS is SO crucial. We have a lot of Facebook posts on this topic, and you will see articles on this topic on our BLOG that you may use.

Follow up on EVERY like, share and comment on your Facebook posts.

In the beginning we suggest your run specials such as:

  1. Book for the term and bring a friend along for free.

  2. Have open days – talk to Annie (

  3. Offer the first lesson for free as a trial class

  4. Talk to your moms and tell them that if they can get a friend to sign up for the term then they can get their first two lessons for free in the next term or get a holiday club session for free.

Ask the moms that are already enrolled to share your flyers on their Whatsapp groups.

Ask them to please tag us if they post on Facebook about their classes. (noting the point between canvas and club in the tag)

Ask them to please write a review on Facebook: and Google:,1,,,

Keep on posting on your Groups on the days that advertising is allowed.  

Just DON’T EVER STOP with marketing, it is CRUCIAL to growing your business.



Projected time allocated: SEASONAL/ SPECIAL EVENTS/ HOLIDAYS


WHOOP WHOOP! Holiday clubs are great!  
Not only will this boost your income, but it is also a great way to get people talking.

Keep an eye on the write-ups and flyers for holiday club related marketing content. We will also send you reminder emails closer to the time of these events.


Moms get nervous around two weeks before the holiday starts as they don’t know what to do with their children. They will then post in the local community groups and start asking what they can do with their kids in the holidays. Keep an eye out for these posts and write a comment to tell them about your holiday club.


Remember the info you gathered for nearby schools?  Now it’s time to use it again. Contact the schools with two questions:

  1. Do they mind sharing your holiday club program with their parents on their end-of-term newsletter?

  2. Do they have a holiday program in which Canvas Club can be included? Maybe you could go to the school and give a demo.


Remember to start mentioning your Holiday Club to your term class clients about two weeks in advance.


Father’s day, Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, Christmas, Easter etc. – all of these days will form part of our overall marketing strategies, and we will communicate this with you in due time.


Step 5: Maintenance



Keep your finger on the pulse – be visible, keep talking and be active on social media.

Tell your clients about our specials, incentivise parents to get new kids to sign up.

Post on Gumtree every month.


Reach out to your corporates again and remind them about Canvas Club for their next teambuilding or corporate event.


Check in on this plan at least once a month. Sometimes we get so busy that we forget about marketing and the basics, but remember: The only way people will know about your Canvas Club is through MARKETING.