March 2019 meeting

  • Session 1: 4 April at 8:00

  • Session 2: 5 April at 16:30

Absent: Buggy Naidoo and Neldi Venter (Alberton), Dellys D’Alton (Taupo), Jenet (Secunda), Tania (PE)

Learnings/ Ideas:

  • If you are struggling to get projects done in time, prep a bit more for the younger kids to get the timing right. Place kids according to their ages so that they can work at the same pace.

  • Don’t forget to target teens as well for bespoke events, not just adults.

  • Share teaser photos with clients before holiday club classes.

  • Host an Easter special e.g. bring a friend for free (remember they need to confirm the friend’s attendance so that you can prep for them).

  • Using the Talking Tom app to send personal reminders of classes - kids showed a lot of excitement from this reminder.


  • Dad & kid workshop for Father’s day - Annie to send out details.

  • How do branch owners take payments at malls and markets - Stefanie to find a solution.

  • Bespoke event flyers, teens & adults - Christelle to add flyers to portal.