4-8 year old kids

Hello to all our Canvas Club branch owners! We hope you are as excited as we are. 

View the lessons below. Some lessons will go over 2 weeks. You can pick any lessons that you like and work at a speed that you and your students feel comfortable with. Always remember to make the craft first before presenting a class. We will be uploading new lessons on an ongoing basis.



Shaving cream trees

This is a fantastic sensory art craft. The children really enjoyed the process and outcome. Keep the shaving cream as a surprise and create a bit of excitement around it.


Stamps on fabric banners

Get really creative with designing and creating your own stamps to decorate a fabric banner.


rainbow art train

Make this oversized rainbow art train. After playing with it, this is a great decor item for a kids bedroom!


catching snowflakes

Have you ever played in snow? Zoom in and show them the magic world of what snowflake patterns really look like. Then draw an adorable man/ girl catching snowflakes. Use white pastel crayons for your snowflakes and see how the crayons resists the watercolour paint/ ink.


matching game, snap cards

Children love matching activities, and while they think it’s all in fun, a shape-matching activity helps kids strengthen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

IMG_1441 copy.jpg

The Peeping Giraffe

A fun draw-along peeping giraffe! Finally learn what those horns on a giraffe’s head are called…


process art houses

Start with brown cardboard and layer layer layer. We used markers, fabric and paint (you can add even more layers). The children loved the element of surprise every time a new material was introduced.


owl with flapping wings

This is an adorable craft. The little girls could not stop saying "this is so cute!!!". They boys enjoyed it as well as they liked the fine motor technical aspects (cutting, connecting the wings, and wrapping the yarn/ wool around). 


Rainbow Spiders and Webs

The kids really enjoyed this rainbow spiders craft. It had them painting, cutting, blowing straws and gluing… all the crafty stuff that kid love best.


shaker music makers

The children had a lot of fun with this interactive lesson. Paper mâché is a fun craft technique where you use torn up paper (‘mâché’ literally means ‘mashed’) and glue to create a shape of something. Get your hands messy and make this fun paper mâché shaker toy.  




FLOWER on a stick

Beautifully colourful, the perfect craft for summer and spring! The children enjoyed decorating the flower and the stem. 


cardboard sculptures

The kids had loads of fun building and rebuilding their cardboard sculpture constructions. This project is a HUGE hit with the little boys.


crayon resist flowers

Water color paint resist with crayons, is a classic art activity. Meaning, you probably remember doing this project when you were a kid. We are going to explore the concept of composition, foreground, middle ground, and background.


rain stick

A rain stick is originally made from hollowed plant stalks which, when turned, produces a pattering sound similar to that of rain. The sound produced by the instrument has contributed to the common notion that the rain stick has historically been used in rituals to summon rain.

Create our own and do a rain-dance to see if we can bring about a few rainstorms! 


gliding monsters 

In this monster craft children will create their own monsters and then turn it into a gliding monster toy. This fun craft combines creativity with scientific thinking.

Cover Photo.jpg


Fishing games are always a hit with kids. With this craft we are going to create 3D fishies inside a fishing pond bag to provide many hours of fun.