Grass Heads are super easy (and fun) to make, and make the perfect party gift. Kids especially love to watch them grow and to trim the hair “hair”.

Most grown-ups will love them too! We have never yet seen someone who hasn’t laughed or at least smiled a the site of one of these cute heads.

They are a perfect STEAM craft.


Materials to be included in party box:

  1. Pretty party box or bag (make sure its strong so so that the soil doesn’t fall through the bottom. A corrugated cardboard box would be best if you can find one). You can find this at most party shops or at a china mall. Size +- 18cm wide, 11cm width, 12cm high.

  2. Ankle stocking (champagne)

  3. Grass seeds, 1 table spoon in a sandwich bag. You can tie it with a small elastic band.

  4. Potting Soil in a sandwich bag. Fill it up properly and also tie it with a small elastic band.

  5. x3 small elastic bands

  6. x2 Pipe Cleaners of the same colour (one as a spare, incase they need extra length).

  7. x2 Large Googly Eyes

  8. Printout


Download the PDF here.