SUBJECT: Did someone say PARTY?


At Canvas Club [branch name] we help you give your child a fun and creative experience that they will remember forever! Our easy approach takes all the hard work off your hands, so you can relax and enjoy the celebrations too.

Visit our website to view our 3 affordable packages as well as our exciting birthday themes.

Our packages include a digital invitation, an arts & crafts project and games. The best part is that the children get to take their arts & crafts creations home to enjoy hours of play afterward.

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Send the following thank you note to the parent:

Dear [name of parent],

Thank you for choosing us to be part of [child name]’s birthday party. I hope everyone had a lot of fun!

Herewith a thank you note for you to email or WhatsApp to the other parents to say thank you.

I had so much fun getting creative with [child name] and [child name]’s friends that I would like to invite all the children for a free Canvas Club class! Would you kindly email me the contact details of the parents so that I can reach out to them with this offer?

If you enjoyed the day as much as I did, kindly spread the love by taking a minute to leave a comment about your experience on Facebook or Google.

Hope to see you again soon.

Kind Regards,

Here is an example of the type of Thank you card you can create using

Thank you.jpg

Once the parent sends you the numbers or email addresses of the parents whose kids attended the party, you can contact them directly:

Dear [name of mom or dad],

I hope [child’s name] had a great time creating his/her own [insert craft here] at [child’t name]'s birthday party.

We feel passionate about exposing children to art and would like to invite your child to a free class on [insert date and time] at [insert address here].

Kindly confirm if you would be able to attend.

I hope to see you soon.


Partnering with party venues and getting listed as one of their vendors is a great win-win.

SUBJECT:  Canvas Club at [enter venue name here]

Dear [name here],

Canvas Club [your branch name here] offers arts & crafts classes for 2 to 10 year olds and we also host magical and amazing ARTY PARTIES.

I would love to have a chat to you about potentially partnering up with [venue name] to co-host parties. I think we would make a great time. Please let me know if you would be open to something like that?  

What we bring to the ‘’party’’:

  • Canvas Club is a well established international brand.

  • We have a large client base on social media which will mean additional exposure for your venue.

  • We host many parties which would mean more foot traffic to your venue.

  • We do arts & crafts and games, you will get the upside of offering other services such as catering to the clients.

What do I mean by partnership:

  • For you to list us a a vendor on your website and Facebook as a party service.

  • We get to use your tables and chairs.

  • You will be listed as one of our preferred venues.

  • We charge our normal prices, and you charge us yours for venue fees and other services.  

Please have a look at our website for our different packages available:

Please let me know when you are available, then I will pop in at your venue to discuss this in more detail.

I look forward to hearing from you.