rain stickS

A rainstick is a great craft for young and old and a fun science activity too. They will enjoy the creative freedom of being able to decorate their rainsticks and especially love using them to make music and explore various sounds created by the different materials placed inside the tubes. 

Materials required:

  1. White (or brown, if you can’t find white) mailing tube (41 x 640mm)

  2. TinfoilRice

  3. Acrylic/ school craft paint. TIP: Use watercolour paint for demo/ open days, as it will dry a lot quicker and will be less messy.

  4. Scissors

  5. Ribbon

  6. Hand towel (each child should have a hand towel (always when working with paint or ink), to dry the brush and to clean painted fingers

step by step

Scared that you will forget some of the steps? Download and print a step by step  "cheat sheet" to keep handy whilst presenting your class. Download the PDF here.


lets start dancing!