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Anél Ras-Scheepers

Branch owner of Shere (Silverlakes & surrounds)
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Address: 60 Henry Road, Shere

Join Anél at the OPEN DAY on ____2019. Term classes launching on ___2019.


AGES 18 mths - 6 Yrs, with ADULT


This is a child + parent/ carer bonding experience with focus on sensory play and developing fine motor skills.



Develop fine motor skills, get messy and explore with different materials. We often create toys for hours of play at home.


Cost: R100 per class (includes all materials). Please note we allow for a single once off trial class booking, thereafter students are required to sign up for the term.

Family Discount - Get 10% off when enrolling 2 or more siblings for any term.

Early Bird Discount - Get 10% off if you sign up before the first day of the term.

Let ANél host your child’s next biRthday party or a unique and creative get-together for your friends, family or colleagues!

about Anél

“Creativity is intelligence having FUN!” – Albert Einstein

 Being an architect, I’ve always been passionate about the ‘recipe’ of combining creativity, art and maths to create a pleasing product. But it all became too serious and the product a little uninteresting… that something that was missing was the SPICE: FUN; FREEDOM and PLAY!!!

 I remember how I loved arts and crafts as a child, how it moulded me! My desire is to give my own little boy (he is my everything!) the same opportunity, but I also wish that every child could have the chance to be creative through arts and crafts, it has endless value!

So PLEASE come and join in the fun! What better platform than Canvas Club where our children can just indulge!

“Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and love of play” – Hendy Matisse 

Further to classes, Anél also hosts kids parties and bespoke events. 

Say hello at
Call or WhatsApp at 084 989 6024

 Please view our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have any questions around what to bring along, cancellations etc.