The Canvas Club Sidekicks

Behind every creative craft, is an even greater sidekick - curiosity - that fuels us to Explore, Engage and Create!

Introducing Molly, Max and Tom, the three Canvas Club sidekicks, who symbolise - Curiosity. Curiosity can sometimes be scary to kids. Exploring the world around you with an open, creative mind goes hand in hand with exploring the unknown. Developing conscious curiosity is brave and creative. Therefore Canvas Club has developed 3 sidekicks that will help bring kids closer to the magic of creativity.

Molly Badge.png

Tiny Explorers

Ages 1 – 3 years
Profile: Explore

For the Tiny Explorers, Molly dances, sings, splishes, splashes and twirls her way through the class. She scampers by your side when things get tough and whispers sweet nothings when you need to get up. She is sweet and nurturing and helps you explore the magic of creativity.

Max Badge.png

Little Adventurers

Ages 3 – 6
Profile: Engage

For the adventurous at heart, Max is the sidekick that is always ready to play. His curiosity is fearless, his loyalty is contagious. He loves to draw, cut, model, paint, sculpt, squish, squirt, imagine, experiment and make new friends! He engages in the magic of creativity with you.

Tom Badge.png

Creative Crafters

Ages 6 – 13
Profile: Create

Tom is the leader of the pack! He teaches you to design, build, make and
envision creative solutions. He’s curious about the way things work in life and enjoys working with different materials that test his science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills and abilities. He’s the big brother that creates magic with you.


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