spinner toy

The spinner explains colour theory well, when it spins you can see how the outer blue and yellow rim turns green and the inner red and yellow rim turns orange. Explain this to the children and let them decide their own colours that they would like to mix and see what they come up with. The other side is a free for all, experiment with different colours, patterns and designs.


Materials required:

  1. Brown Cardboard

  2. x2 normal A4 printing paper

  3. Cutting board

  4. Enti cutter/ blade

  5. Black marker

  6. Side plate

  7. Pencil

  8. String

  9. Glue tick

  10. Acrylic Ink

  11. Brush & water in a jug

  12. Hand towel. Each child should have a hand towel - always when working with paint or ink -to dry the brush, sometimes the artwork and to clean painted fingers

  13. Scissors

  14. Thumbtack/ nail

  15. Thick needle

step by step

Scared that you will forget some of the steps? Download and print a step by step  "cheat sheet" to keep handy whilst presenting your class. Download the PDF here.