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Branch owner of Springs
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ANEMIEKE is the co-creative leader at the branch


Main Address: 10 Cam and Motor Road, Selcourt, Springs.
Laerskool Jan van Riebeeck Address: 3rd Street, Petersfield, Springs.



Monday at 14:30- 15:15 (Laerskool JvR)
Tuesdays at 14:30- 15:15 (Selcourt)
Wednesdays at 14:30- 15:15 (Selcourt)
Thursdays at 14:30- 15:15 (Laerskool JvR)
Friday at 14:30- 15:15 (Selcourt)

This is a child + parent/ carer bonding experience with focus on sensory play and developing fine motor skills.



Mondays at 15:30- 16:30 (Laerskool JvR)
Tuesdays at 15:30- 16:30 (Selcourt)
Wednesdays at 15:30- 16:30 (Selcourt)
Thursdays at 15:30- 16:30 (Laerskool JvR)
Fridays at 15:30- 16:30 (Selcourt)

Develop fine motor skills, get messy and explore with different materials. We often create toys for hours of play at home.


AGES 18 mths - 13 Yrs

Mondays at 16:30 - 17:30 (Laerskool JvR)
Tuesdays at 16:30- 17:30 (Selcourt)
Wednesdays at 16:30- 17:30 (Selcourt)
Thursdays at 16:30 - 17:30 (Laerskool JvR)
Fridays at 16:30- 17:30 (Selcourt)

Ages 18 months to 13 year olds welcome. Adult assistance required for children aged 4 and younger.

Cost: R100 per class (includes all materials). Please note we allow for a single once off trial class booking, thereafter students are required to sign up for the term.

Family Discount - Get 10% off when enrolling 2 or more siblings for any term.

Early Bird Discount - Get 10% off if you sign up before the first day of the term.

2019 Term schedule: Term 2: 2 April - 14 Jun (11 weeks), Term 3: 9 July - 20 Sep (11 weeks), Term 4: 1 Oct - 4 Dec (10 weeks)

Let ANINA host your child’s next biRthday party or a unique and creative get-together for your friends, family or colleagues!

about ANINA

I am a Life Skills and Art teacher at a primary school in Springs, in my ninth year of teaching. My righthand, Anemieke, and I are extremely excited to share our love and passion for arts and crafts through a great developmental platform for children. "Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you are passionate about something, then you are more willing to take risks." - Yo-Yo Ma

To really be creative is firstly to believe that we are innovative - it encourages us to generate new ideas and to acknowledge each individuals own creativity.  The belief in our own creative abilities is the fruitful ground for us to grow. The belief that you are creative, means not only that you are always at risk. It means that failure is not the end of the road. It enables us to take another journey in fulfilling what we are truly looking for. "Creativity is putting your imagination to work and it"s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture." - Ken Robinson

This is the platform that Canvas Club Springs want to foster. Our vision is to develop learning in a playful, creative setting that builds self-confidence and enable learners to think BIGGER. That develops fine- and gross motors kills and that gives every individual the opportunity to think outside the box. This all, without the realisation that they are actually learning.

Further to classes, Anina also hosts kids parties and bespoke events. 

Say hello at
Call or WhatsApp at 082 466 8452

 Please view our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have any questions around what to bring along, cancellations etc.